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Играть в игры на деньги в интернете

I dreamed I was a house is an immersive exhibition curated by insitu collective that unlocks the psychological potential of the domestic home. These rooms will form a metaphorical collage of a house that brings to life the emotional resonance of our most private spaces.

The unique spatial and multi-sensorial experience that is at once familiar and surreal will in turn, trigger personal associations, memories and emotions that are held deep within ourselves.

In particular, insitu collective explores narratives within exhibitions играть в игры на деньги в интернете create engaging and immersive scenographies to bring audiences inside a topic, рулетка бесплатно онлайн на деньги it self-help culture, a future nuclear waste repository, or a fictional character.

Since its establishment in 2012, the team has been awarded the Prize for Independent Project Spaces and Initiatives играть в игры на деньги в интернете the Berlin Senate (2015) and initiated the Project Space Festival Berlin in 2014 which continues annually in Summer. The team has exhibited at KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin and Another Space, Copenhagen, as well as taken part in talks at Point Center for Contemporary Art Nicosia, Cyprus and Aarhus Art Weekend.

Every Sunday, from 13.

Guided tour for the teaching staff of the I dreamed I was a house exhibition (7. Admission free, registration required:. Workshop around the exhibition I dreamed I was a house The children draw the house of a character with well-defined features: a clumsy pirate, a mischievous gardener, a magical contortionist. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 11:00 - 19:00.

Thursday: 11:00 играть в игры на деньги в интернете 21:00Closed on Tuesdays and on 1. About insitu collective: insitu collective consists of the Berlin-based international curators Marie Играть в игры на деньги в интернете, Nora Mayr, Gilles Neiens and Lauren Reid. Casino Channel relatedKids 6 - 12 years7. Kids 6 - 12 years8.

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Играть в игры на деньги в интернете



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Играть в игры на деньги в интернете



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Играть в игры на деньги в интернете



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Играть в игры на деньги в интернете



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